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Presented with Love

This post is a little bit different from my usual, but why not. My love for design and cute and crafty things is no secret, so I’m sharing a topic of interest with you.

Pretty presents. A whole lot of thought goes into the gift, why shouldn’t it’s presentation be as exciting as the contents. My closest will know that a gift to me isn’t necessarily what is inside but the thought and love that goes into wrapping it up so perfectly. My husband has found numerous ways of presenting things perfectly to make me squeal with excitement and while I was wrapping a gift yesterday, I was inspired to share some of my favourite wrappings with you.

I hope there’s something in there that inspires you to put some love into your next gift. With just a little brown wrapping paper (recycled preferably!), some twine and some outdoor inspiration, you can present your thoughtfulness perfectly.

Packaging Presented with Love

 Top Row (L-R): 

1. Source unknown          2. WhipperBerry          3. A Creative Mint          4. One Fine Dae

 Middle Row:

1. A Creative Mint          2. Pretty My Love creation          3. Unknown          4. The Snail & the Cyclops

Bottom Row:

1. Have & Hold Design          2. Inky Co          3. Love Mae          4. Paper Source Blog

The list of favourites goes on, so don’t stop here, keep searching for that perfect way to present your gift with love. And do share your favourites with me!

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